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Our conscientious caring nature is at the core of every little thing we do. Amongst those that take this to heart are our healthcare practitioners whose devotion appears in their patient-centered and custom-made method to optimal health and wellbeing.

At Allostasis Health, we aim to provide you with the finest holistic healthcare in Melbourne. Our practitioners are readily available to pay attention to your concerns, listen to you thoroughly, educate you, and assist you in your healing process. Our practitioners are skilled and highly value you and where you are at on your journey towards optimal health.

Most modern medicine today relies greatly on the symptomatic treatment of ailments instead of assessing and also treating the cause. At Allostasis Health Melbourne, we take an alternative systemic approach. We attend to the underlying cause of your condition, while assessing the functions of the body systems which may be contributing towards your current state of health.

Abide by our reliable and dependable strategies and we will aid in safely ameliorating your ailments in order to better facilitate your journey towards achieving and maintaining vibrant health.

Our services include:

  • Chronic health consultation- we assess the functions of as many related systems within your body that could be affecting your health. We explore each system and how they are connected. We will not focus on just one area of your body but also the not so obvious systems that may also be contributing. With our traditional medically based testing methods along with cutting edge science, it allows us to gather as much information as possible to aid you in your journey towards great health. The consultation may include live and dried blood analysis, biological terrain analysis and body composition analysis, a unique offer available in Melbourne.
  • Allostasis health consultation- Our experienced practitioner will closely monitor your progress and make use of techniques and execute changes to guarantee that the process of restoring your health is as smooth as possible. Appropriate testing will be properly conducted along the way to encourage you with the scientific evidence whilst monitoring the progress you are making.
  • Weight management consultation- An initial consultation will consist of a thorough dietary and lifestyle analysis along with a bio-impedance body composition analysis. This will provide accurate measurements of muscle mass, fat percentage, bone mass, hydration and more. It is a wonderful tool to monitor your progress on your journey towards achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Diagnostic tests- We also offer cholesterol blood test (fasting), HDL, LDL, triglycerides, fasting glucose, food allergy/sensitivity testing, live blood analysis, and hormone testing.
  • Colonic irrigation- These sessions are performed by our trained and experienced practitioners. Colonic irrigation is a fast and effective method of detoxification which has been performed for centuries by many cultures worldwide. Our open colonic systems ensure a safe and successful method which you will benefit from greatly.
  • Infrared sauna- This method is very effective and quick in assisting detoxification of the human body. It can assist in removing toxins from your body while you are sweating in the sauna, but more importantly it will help you to permanently restore your ability to produce and secrete sweat. An ability that many of us lack to carry out due to our surroundings, lack of exercise and non-conducive dietary intake.

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